Dopušteni Modovi

This list is subject to change (and likely will) at any given time. If you don't see a mod on the list but would like to know if it's allowed, PM a staff member. Remember, getting caught using a prohibited mod is going to get you banned, even if you didn't know if it was prohibited or not, so always just double-check with a staff member!


It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options.

Armor Status, Directional Huds, and Status Effects

Most commonly known as 5-Zig, bspkrs. These mods are allowed only if they show your OWN status.

Mods that show status effects of other players are bannable.

Damage Indicators

Indicators that show the health of other players. Mods that include this is BetterPvP.

World Download

Mods like World download that allows you to download a server to play on single player or a server save.

Using Free-Cam or anything similar to achieve the same result is NOT allowed and will result in a ban.

Better Sprint / ToggleSprint

Bettersprint mod is allowed, any other toggle sprint/sneak mods are allowed.

Chat Mods

Mods that help organize your chat like TabbyChat or Chat Companion are allowed.


This mod is allowed and allows you to see a print of a build.

The print function of the mod is NOT allowed and will result in a ban.


Minimaps are allowed.

Minimaps that show players, mobs, or entities are NOT allowed and will result in a ban.

⍟ Shaders ⍟

Shaders allow you to see minecraft from a totally different perspective and in no way give you an advantage over other players, they are allowed.

Macros and Keybinds

Macros are allowed as long as you don’t set them to automatically run themselves. For example setting a script to run /fix all on your pickaxe as you are AFK mining is NOT allowed. On the contrary, having /fix all on a key that you are pressing is allowed.

Gamma Mods

Mods that alter gamma are allowed.

Forge and LightLoader

These are allowed as long as the mods you are using them to run are allowed. For example using a hidden ghost client wouldn’t be allowed but ToggleSneak is.

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks is allowed to help organize your inventory and to help assist with things when PvPing.

Using Inventory Tweaks to automatically fill your hotbar with Pots when Pot-Pvping or pickaxes when AFK mining is NOT allowed and will result in a ban.


Using a Hacked Client, XRay mod or special texture pack is NOT allowed and will result in a Ban.

1.8 textures on 1.9

Using 1.8 textures on 1.9 is allowed, as it does not give you an advantage in anyway.


Tracer mods are strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

If you have any questions about a mod and if it's allowed or not private message a staff member asking.

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